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From the Principal s Desk
"The deeper their roots scan, The wider their wings span. The greater will be their height, The further will they take a flight."

This indeed is the spirit that pervades KIDZ PLANET - a school where each day is a new bringing, a new challenge to mould & nurture each child to develop into harmonious, socially sensitive & holistic individual where the sky is the limit. The exclusively developed & formulated school curriculum initiates creativity & higher level of thinking that creates a leader. Ushering in new technology & keeping abreast of the latest pedagogy & technical innovations, education here is a voyage of self-discovery that invigorates the mind, body and soul. Further the stimulating environment spread over & the state of the art infrastructure catapults the educational experience.

The evolvement of KIDZ PLANET is an unwavering journey of 5 years that started by our dedicated and committed director and founder Mr. Rajender Kumar, who were sparked with the initiative of providing every child a platform to dream big.

Our first step to learning ignites young minds towards a progressive journey to become global citizens with a vision.

In our school we don’t just emphasis on studies, the main objective of our school is to prepare and develop the skills of the children. They follow a daily routine of activities designed to build their specific skills. A wide range of activities included in their schedule are
  • Singing
  • Listening stories
  • Dramatic plays
  • Group projects
  • Nature-walks and outdoor games etc.
"These activities provide opportunities for creativity, physical co-ordination, and emotinal maturity, practical and social skills."
Kidz Planet